Our mission is to feature work from storytellers across Asia: journalists, filmmakers, writers, comedians, etc. 

What we’re looking for: 


We care just as much about the high brow and the low, the politics and the pop culture. Because let’s be real; you can only understand a place when you get the full picture. And we don’t traffic in simple stereotypes.


Heavy, beautiful, hilarious — we want a range: from sprawling stories on underground mafias to tiny stories that go deep on a person, neighborhood, folk tale, or priest who just happens to keep the oldest global record on climate change– from the Malacca Straits to Mongolia.


So Pitch Us: 


Most importantly: stories that surprise us, have vibrant characters, and take us on a journey.

We especially like stories with characters who grow and change in interesting ways, stories that challenge or alter our understanding of a place, culture, thing, or inform us about something we all should know… but don’t.  We also love stories about little known relevant episodes in history, stories that look into a personal story, or seek to answer a question and take us along on the quest. 


We’re open to experimenting with form; if you have an unusual idea, definitely feel free to send it our way. 


And we’re open to collaborating with other organizations.


What to include:

·       What is the story and narrative arc?

·       How do you plan to tell the story? Who are the characters? Other sounds? 

·       What excites or most intrigues you about the story? Why do you want to tell it?

·       What about your story is new or adds to the existing conversation? 

·       What is surprising or moving or causes you to question assumptions?



Please tell us a little bit about yourself and include a couple clips.


Send pitches to: hello@notthehellokittyshow.com and please include the word PITCH in the subject line.


Resources on Pitching

Relatively new to working with longform narrative audio? Here are a few good resources for thinking about pitches and structure:


Alex Blumberg on Finding Stories 

My Kingdom for Some Structure

How to Pitch Longform Audio  (We Think This is Helpful for Far More Than Just Novices)


(Generally speaking, Transom.org is a bible for audio storytelling)